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It is the Year 2310. 
         The Human race has been exploring outward for almost 300 years now.  Many 'Earth' like planets have been found, and civilizations started.  A small military force, the Clan Ice Panther, has escaped a deadly foe, and made their home on one of these Planetoids.  They fight in huge Battlemechs and Mecha, trying desperately to remain hidden....

The place the Clan now calls home is a medium-sized planet in the SA galaxy, a gaseous planet rich with minerals.  It has been named Nomad I, in memory of the Clan's mobile past.


July 23-
Despite the obvious lack of updates for more than a month, I finally deliver!  A few new mechs, a few new pictures of old mechs.  The PP: Crusader and the Centurion are now online, and the Warhammer will be up later.  Many old mechs have new pictures, as they have been remodeled.  Check out the Hellbringer, HollanderII, Urbanmech, and just generally browse around. 
I just realised I desperately need to update my picture of the Madcat and some other mechs, and so I will try to have them in the next update.  Enjoy what I have updated so far at least!  I will try to have the Madcat's new picture sooner than the others, as it is a bit cooler than the others needing pics.
(Update:  Preview picture of new MadCat online)
I'll also be working on getting up the Tanks, Fighters, and the Capital Ship as promised.  I am gonna be overhauling the Fleet area, as it desperately needs it.  The History of the Clan will be up eventually too, I'm working it and several other non-model things for the site.
Until later...    
*Ry out*
-New Tanks to be released EVENTUALLY
-New Capital ship, and about 3 new fighters
-1 new mech...

Download the Stormbringer!

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