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Important Places for the Clan


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Important Places for the Clan
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The Clan is based out of the Nomad Sector, in System Alliance space.  This sector was graciously granted to the Clan after their Second Exodous.  Information on the Nomad and more sectors are listed below, with information.
Sector Name:  Nomad
Known Planets: 
        Nomad I:  Terran-like environment, native creatures, stable ecosystem.
        Botar:  Hostile environment, few known creatures, unstable ecosystem with Volcanic makeup in some parts, desert in others.
        Salleron:  Lush, tropical environment, with many environment-specific species, water rich ecosystem.
Known Factions:  Clan Ice Panther (Homeworld)
                            MekTek Corp.  (Headquarters)
                            Deathskull Pirates (13th Brigade)
                            Silent Ones (Terrorist Faction)