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Lego Battletech
The Clan


The Clan
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The Clan is a military unit of highly trained professional soldiers, and consists of both men and women.  They work for a special military alliance, but operate independantly.  Once a huge superpower, they were weakened when a series of disasters hit in 2175, crippling their old homeworld's enviroment.  But they are not all soldiers!  Many special children are found in training, and some become engineers, mechanics, and scientists, among other things.  The population of Nomad 1 is now at about 5000, and is steadily rising.  They have 100-200 battlemechs with which they defend their homeworld.  

The Clan was originally formed in 2001, when Lieutenant Ryan Wilhelm seceded from the Lego Space Force, which controlled large amounts of the Ral galaxy.  A fierce fight ensued, but the Clan won, as many soldiers joined them after leaving the LSF.  After taking over the LSF, the Clan began to grow rapidly, and took over BOI-3, a small galaxy to be their homeworld.  For awhile, all was peacful.  But soon the Clan was at war again.  They joined the Lego Space Alliance in fighting the Mars Federation.  Victory came quickly, but did not last...

Soon the Mars Fed had built up their forces again, and were after the Clan.  Fortunately, the Clan got wind of this and part of it escaped destruction in the Super Dropships LONGREACH and ECLIPSE.  All the rest of the Clan died fighting.  But the Mars fed did as well.  They had to once again try to build up their forces, and so did the Clan.  Here we find them, in the year 2310....

After establishing themselves, they began to have political troubles.  First came a war with Fiberland, and then allies began to break away.  But the Clan survived it all.  And here they remain.

After some political problems with other empires and such, the Clan declared war on several local factions, the AMF, Iron Shield, and the Silent Ones.  The AMF was quickly vanquished, only to rise yet again and scorn the Clan.  Iron Shield proved to be just that, defenders of their homeworld.  The Silent Ones rarely fight at all, but the Clan keeps tabs on their presence.
The Foremost threat to Clan security lies in the Iron Shield forces.  They perpetually buy off MekTek engineers for plans, and have built a massive army of Mechs and tanks, not to mention a formibable airforce.