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Iron Shield, Silver Scythe, and Clan Ice Panther forces fight Major Battle!
Only a few days ago, the armies of the Iron Shield and the Silver Scythe were discovered to have landed in Clan territory.  The Iron Shield, an Ally of the Clan, had come for a Wargame battle, but discovered the SS units near Tablerock Flats.  They notified the Clan amry that was coming for the wargames, and began an aerial bombardment. 
The Clan Icestorm Lance was sent to help Iron Shield engage the SS forces.  Before they arrived, the IS commander sent over a negotiator to see if the SS would leave peacfully.  The negotiator was shot upon landing, and the SS used his craft as a Kamikaze, ramming it into an IS tank.  the IS commander sent a Lance in to attack, but it was annihilated by intense fighting in a river. 
The SS then managed to pull back and repair before the next wave of IS forces attacked.  When the SS went out to fight, they were suddenly hit by fire from behind!  The Icestorm Lance had waited for the right oppurtunity to attack, and had gotten it when the SS turned their backs.  After a swift battle, a few surviving SS troops and mechs pulled back and left, salvaging as they went.
The Clan force had lost a fighter and a mech, while the IS lost nearly two lances. The Icestorm Lance was commended for skill in combat, and the IS forces were thanked for their bravery.