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Clan Fleet Ships
CSS Mace
Iron Eagle
Iron Falcon
CSS BumbleBee
CSS Razor
Clan Main Database

As Clan Technology progressed, they realized the need for a space fleet to protect their planet.  Here are displayed the ships they developed or modified for just that purpose!

Due to limited disk space, all pictures of Clan spacecraft will be on Brickshelf.  Links are provided on each page.  This will allow for more pictures of individual fighters, and more pictures of other stuff on-site.  Sorry for the inconvience!

The Clan uses a variety of ships, but usually prefers light cruisers and Super Dropships to anything else.  One famous Clan cruiser, the CSS Falcon, first of it's class, is currently in Sector 62, searching for a superweapon that hides there.

To view a Clan ship, click on a link to the left.