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Clan Fleet Ships


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Clan Main Database

Ship Name:  CSS-Blade
Ship Class:  Fighter
Ship Powerplant:  MekTek Hi-output Mini 202 (2 exhaust nozzles)
Weaponry:  2 Mk II lasers
Sensors:  1 MekTek ADVANCED Piloting computer, 1 MekTek Optikal Scanner, 1 MekTek Standard Radar dish, 1 MekTek ADVANCED Cerebral Sensor Suite

The CSS-Blade is a new breed of Fighter tech.  Designed as a Standard fighter, it has a special sensor suite designed for the pilot to be able to fly without actually 'seeing' the outside world.  The cockpit plexiglass is simple for show.  The pilot's actual vision is supplied by advanced VR technology, which recreates the battlezone in his mind, making everything easier to comprehend, instead of constantly having to be checking gauges and such.  Deadly while in combat, it is helpless without it's computers.  A single EMP missile, while non-explosive, can de-activate any of these in range.  But the trick is getting on in range, as the computers calculate for even that.....

Se pictures of the Blade